Dear Members,

As we enter the month of August we can only hope that we will start to see little lower temperatures in the coming days. The air conditioners have certainly had quite a workout. Like you, I was not able to escape the high 80s and 90s temperatures during my vacation in Italy but still enjoyed all the traveling and visiting. As you can see on page 9 of newsletter I was able to meet up with Michael and Donna Pilletere in Lucca, Laura Maestrello in Verona, Silvia Fabiani in Vicenza, Jesse Lattanzio’s siter and family in Abruzzi, and of course many of my friends, family and relatives in Rome during a family wedding.

I would like to thank Lou Tomeo for pitching in during my vacation, and helping out with all things needed to be done, also Maryann Tomeo for suggesting, once again, to have the Orlando Cloggers perform during our Western Night BBQ, They were fantastic and everyone enjoyed their fancy “foot work.”

A big thank you for a job well done goes to the Steiskals for a delicious BBQ dinner, once again it was a great dinner and “compliment to the Chefs.”

Please check out the “Boosters” list on page 11 of newletter. It seems to be getting shorter the past few months.
The income from the boosters helps defray the cost of printing and mailing the hard copy of our newsletter. The cost is $5.00 per year, please see Nick Diomede and help support the club.

Elections of Officers and some Board of Directors positions will be held at the General Meeting in September.

Hope you have a great month and see y’all at the CLUB !

Aldo Sicuso,